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Woodland Scenics Dry Transfers 20pc bundle Gas Station, Tavern, Logo, Heralds

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Please see photos and read description.
Depending on the specific application, these decals are suitable for O, HO and N scales. The wide range of full color designs adds detail and realism to buildings, fences, signs and boxcars. Position where desired and rub gently with a Dry Transfer Burnisher or popsicle stick, then remove the carrier sheet.

Sheet size: 4" x 5" (10.1 cm x 12.7 cm)
This bundle pack includes 20 different decal sheets, there are duplicates for some of them. The part numbers (with DT in front of the number) are below and you may search on the manufacturer's site if you need clearer photos.

Tavern, Gas Station & Commercial Signs - DT551 x 2
Product Advertising Signs - DT554
Assorted Logos 7 Advertising Signs - DT556
Railroad Heralds (Signs) - DT558 x 2
Assorted Products & Business Signs - DT559
1960's Signs & Posters - DT561 x 2
1950's Signs & Posters - DT562 x 2
1940's Signs & Posters - DT563
Mini-Series Product Logos - DT570
Mini-Series Railroad Signs - DT571
Mini-Series 40's, 50's & 60's Business Signs - DT573 x 2
Mini-Series Service Station Signs - DT574
Stripes - B 1/61" 1/32" 1/16" - DT513
Reefer Cars Signs - DT611



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