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Uschi 1/72 1/48 1/32 Superfine Wood Grain Decal Albatross Ronny Bar Color #1003

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Uschi Multi-Scale Super Fine Woodgrain Decals 2 x A5 sheet pack - 1x "rich", 1x "pale" - Ideal for Albatros and other bright-wood-aircraft - Designed and produced in association with Ronny Bar, the artist behind the color profiles in the Wingnut Wings manuals.

The woodgrain decal is on a transparent carrier film, this allows you to pre-shade, tone, and tint prior to application to add dimension to your model.

Please see the "Tutorials" section of the Uschi van der Rosten site for excellent "how-to" examples for creating wood grain effects. Scroll down the page to see examples of this product in use and the realism that can be achieved. 

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