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Uschi 1/35 scale footprint decals with Dust effects - #1012

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Uschi 1/35 scale footprint decals with Dust effects - #1012

These new decals come in two versions, available separately. The "MUD" version is the right one when it comes to everything that happens outside of very dry conditions, such as winter-scenes and vehicles in the northern hemispheres. The "DUST" option also work for northern theatres, but they are the better suited for desert scenes. The decals are printed on a superthin carrier film that actually disappears under a coat of clear. The product can be applied on flat surfaces as long as setting solutions are used and a sealing coat of clear is been sprayed on top of it. Of course they work very well on glossy basecoats as well, like all ordinary decals do. These decals are designed to work in the 35th scale. 

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