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Tangent Banded Steel Coils x 8 – Painted and Assembled - Different Sizes

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Quantity of 8 Banded Steel Coils that are fully assembled and painted in the proper raw sheet steel metal color with beautifully-rendered black steel banding. Once slab steel has been flat-rolled and coiled by a rolling mill, the uncovered steel coils can be easily transported and without damage to customers. Our coil parts continue our tradition of heavy-hitting accuracy, representing perhaps the most common steel coil size seen on the rails – and trucks – during the past 20+ years

Note: Uncovered steel coils are a commonly seen commodity on rail-cars, especially for post-1980 era modelers. The 60" width steel coil parts are intended to be utilized directly with Tangent's Conrail RTR G43 model with the coil rack already installed, or with any of their undecorated kit products. Finally, you can use these with other manufacturer’s cars as well as with your steel mill scenes that are used for your freight car, caboose, or locomotive projects. These are the most typical size found on rolling stock and locomotives – 18″ wide

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