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Tangent 27014 series HO Norfolk Southern GP67 w/o Hoods PRR Shops G41A Coil Car

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Norfolk Southern (NS) GP67 Repaint 2005+ w/o Hoods PRR Shops G41A Coil Car

Product: PRR Shops G41A Coil Car
Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
Truck: Tangent 125-ton ASF Roller Bearing Trucks with prototype-specific rotating bearing caps and separate brake beam part
Wheels: CNC-Machined 38″ Wheels

NS “GP67 Repaint 2005+” is an exciting release for us. NS rebuilt some of their G41A cars around 2000 and placed them in the GP67 class. These rebuilds were changed from 6 troughs to 5 troughs to accommodate larger diameter coils. This major change, along with yellow trough bracing, makes these cars really stand out in the crowd. The Tangent offering picks up in 2005+, where the NS cars have received their conspicuity stripes. The troughs received not-so-subtle wide white stripes down the center-line of the car to assist loading. If you read the data carefully, you will find accurate 50 Year Life Extension stenciling and painted diamonds labeling the cars for “HOT” steel coil service. The 125-Ton trucks feature NS reporting mark and car numbers along with 38” wheels and rotating Timken caps. These are some “HOT” cars for the “modern” era

Also, these cars look great loaded with Tangent's all-new coil loads (photo below), sold separately!


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