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Speed Hunter Graphics 48033 1/48 decal Heritage Phantoms (F-4C F-4D F-4E F-4G)

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During its long career, the F-4 Phantom was subject to some wonderful paint schemes. This sheet features but six examples of these schemes, each of them honoring something unique. This sheet is sized for the Z-M F-4 kits and includes enough maintenance stencil decals to build two complete jets.

 Sized for Zoukei Mura

Options include:

 1) F-4C 63-7437, 181st Tactical Fighter Group, Indiana Air National Guard, April 1985. This jet has nose art celebrating the 5,000 flight hour in Phantoms by a 181st pilot.

2) F-4C 63-7411, 188th Tactical Fighter Group, Arkansas Air National Guard, July 1988. This was the oldest F-4 in service at this point in its career.

3) F-4D 66-8800, 3247th Test Squadron, 3246th Test Wing, May 1992. This was the final F-4D in service and the final F-4 to fly from Eglin AFB, Florida.

4) F-4E 67-0384, 181st Tactical Fighter Group, Indiana Air National Guard, September 1991. Marking the end of F-4 operations at Terre Haute, this F-4E wore fantastic markings painted by Don Spering. Markings are included for the travel pods carried by this jet.

5) F-4E 68-0529, 122nd Tactical Fighter Group, Indiana Air National Guard, January 1992. Another jet painted by Don Spering in Pharewell colors.

6) F-4G 69-7295, 561st Fighter Squadron, 57th Fighter Wing, March 1996. This F-4G made the final 4-ship flight to AMARC in March 1996, marking the end of F-4 Phantom operations with the active-duty USAF. Decals are provided for the two travel pods carried by this jet on its flight from Nellis AFB to Davis-Monthan AFB.

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