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New Ware 1/48 Voskhod 2 Spacecraft incl first EVA Leonov's figure

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New Ware 1/48 Voskhod 2 Spacecraft - NW032 - 

Kit is including 159 parts (109 resin, 46 PE, 4 decals).Kit is including Alexei Leonov's figure (masterpart made by Ignacio Bernacer). The artwork is based on protype model only.

"I felt like a bird; with wings and able to fly." These were the sensations of Alexei Leonov as he ventured forth from Voskhod 2 on the world's first spacewalk on March 18, 1965. Although Leonov floated free of his capsule for only ten minutes, his spacewalk was a very important space first. (from forewood of our kit by Barry Davidoff).

Some detail photos of NW032 parts (common to NW014 1/48 Vostok 1 spacecraft kit):

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