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Lifelike 1/72 decal North American B-25 Mitchell Pt 2 for Airfix B-25C/D -72-040

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Waterslide Decals for North-American B-25C/D Mitchell Part 2 for the Airfix kit
*B-25D, 41-30278, "Hell's Fire", 500BS/345BG (shark's teeth, snorting horse emblem)
*B-25D, 41-30592, "Mexican Spitfire", 498BS/345BG (nose art and snorting horse emblem)
*B-25D, 41-30058, "Lucky Bat" (early marking), 499BS/345BG (bat nose art on both sides)
*B-25D, 41-30058, "Lucky Bat" (late marking), 499BS/345BG (Bat Outa Hell emblem)
*B-25 D, 41-30036, "Old Baldy", 498BS/345BG, (falcon face mark with neck ruffle, falcon art on right)

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