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Lifelike 1/72 decal Messerschmitt Me 109 Pt 5 Academy FineMolds Revell Tamiya

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1/72 Messerschmitt Part V / Me 109 Part V. Recommended kits: Academy Me 109E/G, Finemolds Me109G, Revell Me 109G-10, Tamiya Me 109E

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Featuring markings for the following 4 aircraft:


Messerschmitt Me 109E-3 flown by Maj. Ernst Freiherr von Berg, Kdr III/JG26, probably May 1940 at Chievres AB/Belgium.


Messerschmitt Me 109E-4 Kdr III/JG26, period and location unknown.


Messerschmitt Me 109G-6 (W. Nr. 411960) flown by Hpt. Franz Dorr, Kdr. III/JG5, middle of May 1945 Gossen AB/Finland.


Messerschmitt Me 109G-14/AS, flown by Uffz. Maj. Wolfgang "Lumpi" Hudsdorfer of 2/JG300 in September 1944 at Esperstedt AB/Germany

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