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Lifelike 1/48 decal Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa Pt 2 Hasegawa & Fine Molds

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48-042 - 1/48 Lifelike decal for Hayabusa / Nakajima Ki-43 Part 2 suitable for Fine Molds & Hasegawa kits - click here to see ARC's review (

Featuring 4 aircraft markings:

Type II flown by Major Torashiro Aizawa in Burma 1944; type I flown by Major Katsuji Sugiura in Burma in 1942; type I flown by pilot Cpt. Saburo Nakamurra in Burma in 1942; type III from a Special Attack unit (Kamikaze) with one bomb and one drop tank for its 'special' mission with markings paying tribute to the Yasakuni shrine.

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