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Hypersonic Models 1/48 Resin F-4C Strike Cam Pod for Zoukei Mura - HMR48048

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Assembly and Paint required

The is a strike camera chin pod for the nose of the Zoukei Mura F-4C. This pod was used for example by Col Robin Olds on Operation Bolo. Later, many of these chin pods were re-fitted with forward RHAW pods, retaining only the rearward facing camera. Included in this set are two types of front ends - the original camera fitting/lens and the later RHAW pod. The main parts are all 3D printed with very little clean up required. The camera glass covers are provided as pre-cut cleat styrene. For fitting, only the tiniest modification is necessary on the ZM nose. Masks to cover the transparencies for painting are included as well.

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