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HGW 1/48 wood decals for Albatros OEFFAG in base white #548010

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HGW 1/48 wood decals for Albatros OEFFAG base white #548010

Assemble, paint and polish the model kit with base white (you may use a color layer before applying wood decals). The decals are transparent, so it is necessary to apply a base colour. It is possibe to differentiate single panels by using different shades of base colour (white, off white, yellow) to give a different tone to the decal. Then cut the required shape of panel (with 2 mm overlap) and apply the same way as an ordinary decal (use Mr. Mark Setter, Mr. Mark Softer). Afterwards trim the extra wood decal with very sharp knife.

From Manufacturer: " is possible to create very believable imitation of the wooden surface without skill in using of oil paints. Finally it takes cca 4 hours to cover whole fuselage of Albatros D.Va (1/32 WNW)."

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