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HGW 1/32 scale wet transfers for F4F-3/4 WILDCAT ACES over Guadalcanal- 232913

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The HGW Wet Transfer technology has been tested on Gunze brand paints and preparations.
    Carry out the test (not on the model), if you are applying to paint made by a different manufacturer.
    We recommend to spray the surface with a glossy varnish in order to achieve a perfect result.
    No matter whether you are applying the transfer onto paint or varnish, it is advisable to go over the surface using sandpaper of a grade from 6 000 to 8 000.
    Naturally, it is also essential to ensure that the base is clean, grease-free and clear of dust.

You will need:

    a scalpel,
    sharp tweezers,
    the Mr. Mark Softer product by Gunze,
    a cotton bud and clean cloth.

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