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HGW 1/32 scale F4U-1A "Jolly Rogers" Wet Transfers - 232905

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Wet transfer technology means that the decal doesn't leave any signs of varnish or typical film after its application, so only text or symbols stay attached to the surface.

The biggest issue with ordinary decals is the varnish which creates a glossy film around the decal. It's challenging to work with classic decals and make this film invisible and almost impossible to reach a good result, especially in the case of metallic surfaces. Dry transfers on the market are quite tedious as well, being hard to place them correctly and the modeler has one chance to do so.

HGW's wet transfers are similar to ordinary decals. It is possible to move them during the attaching process and find the best position. Then just push the water from below the transfer, let it dry a few hours, remove the transfer foil and the work is done. Only text or symbols stay attached to the surface.

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