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Furball decals 1/48 for F-4B/J USMC Rhinos - Vietnam era - FUR48012

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FUR48012 - 1/48 F-4B/J USMC Rhinos -

Manufacturer's description: "Furball's latest release (48-012) is our 4th F-4 Phantom sheet featuring options for 18 United States Marine Corps F-4B/J Phantoms from the Vietnam era. Enough stencils and data are provided to build 2 complete models.

Here's a rundown on the aircraft covered:

F-4B 151498/VE 14/VMFA-115/ DA NANG AB 1974
-F-4B 150484/VE 10/VMFA-115/MCAS IWAKUNI/1971
-F-4B 151446/VE 11/VMFA-115/MCAS IWAKUNI 1971
-F-4B 149457/DC 18/VMFA-122/CHU LAI AB 1970
-F-4B 151465/DC 1/VMFA-122/MCAS KANEOHE BAY 1972
-F-4B 153037/VW 00/VMFA-314/CHU LAI AB 1968
-F-4J 155822/WT 1/VMFA-232/NAM PHONG RTAB 1972
-F-4J 153796/WT 1/VMFA-232/NAM PHONG RTAB 1972
-F-4J 153791/WT 1/VMFA-232/MCAS IWAKUNI 1974
-F-4J 155822/WT 11/VMFA-232/MCAS IWAKUNI 1974
-F-4B 152331/DW 5/VMFA 251/MCAS BEAUFORT 1970
-F-4B 152258/WS 11/VMFA-323/DA NANG AB 1966
-F-4B 152238/WH 1/VMFA-542/DA NANG AB 1966
-F-4B 152232/WH 00/VMFA-542/DA NANG AB 1968
-F-4B 152283/WH 2/VMFA-542/DA NANG AB 1969
-F-4B 150486/WF 11/VMFA-513/MCAS CHERRY POINT 1968
-F-4J 155580/WU 9/VMFA-334/CHU LAI AB 1969
-F-4B 148373/EC 00/VMFA-531/MCAS CHERRY POINT 1968

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