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Furball Aero-Design 1/48 decals Colors & Markings of U.S. SBD’s - FDS-4827

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(F/D&S-4827) “Colors & Markings of U.S. SBD’s” continues our collaboration with out friends from Detail & Scale publications. This set has marking options for 18 SBD-3/4/5/6/A-24Bs. Enough stencils are included to build 2 complete models. Here are the aircraft covered in this set:

VS-5 SBD-3, “White 5-S-14”, USS YORKTOWN, 1941 (Gull Gray Scheme)

VS-2 SBD-3, “White S-12”, USS LEXINGTON, 1942 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VS-2 SBD-3, “White 2-S-12”, USS LEXINGTON, 1942 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VB-6 SBD-3, “Black CG”, USS ENTERPRISE, JUNE 1942 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VS-2 SBD-3, “Black S-10”, 1942 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VB-6 SBD-3, “Black B1”, USS ENTERPRISE, JUNE 1942 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VB-16 SBD-5, “White 35”, USS LEXINGTON, 1944 (Tri-Color Scheme)

VMSB-231 SBD-5, “White 2”, 1944 (Tri-Color Scheme)

MAG-24 SBD-6, “White 713”, 1945 (Tri-Color Scheme)

VS-64 SBD-5, “White 10”, 1943 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VMS-3 SBD-5, “Gray S-1” 1944 (Atlantic Scheme; Barbara Jean painted under the canopy

MAG-24 SBD-5, “White 622”, 1945 (Tri-Color Scheme)

MAG-24 SBD-5, “Yellow R38”, 1943 (Tri-Color Scheme)

VS-41 SBD-3, “Black 41-S-16” USS RANGER, 1943 (Blue/Gray Scheme)

VMSB-144 SBD-4, “White 119” 1943 (Blue/Gray Scheme “Push Push nose art)

VMSB-233 SBD-4, “White 16”, 1943 (Blue/Gray Scheme “Sister” nose art)

A-24B 42-54298, “Black 84”, 1943 (Olive Drab/ Gray Scheme “Bar Fly” nose art)

A-24B 42-54897, “White 97”, 1945 (Olive Drab/ Gray Scheme “Air Transport Command” badge)

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