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Furball 1/48 decals Growler Anthology Part IV - 48-087

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“Growler Anthology Part IV”, (48-087) which also features
options for seven colorful EA-18Gs.  Here
are the aircraft covered:

-EA-18G 166893, VAQ-130, “AC 504”, USS Eisenhower, 2022
“Lo-viz line jet with large black dragons painted on the tails

-EA-18G 166858, VAQ-132, “NL 540”, NAS Whidbey Island, 2022
“Colorful Scorpions CO jet with special rising sun tail markings commemorating
the squadron’s deployment to Japan.”

-EA-18G 166940, VAQ-132, “NL 540”, Incirlik, AB, 2017-
“Lo-Viz CO jet with Operation Inherent Resolve mission markings

-EA-18G 166935, VAQ-140, “NE 500”, USS Vinson, 2020- “Full
color CAG jet with flaming squadron emblem on the tail”

-EA-18G 168386, VAQ-136, “NL 510”, NAS Whidbey Island, 2017
“Black-tailed CO jet with special squadron artwork on the inner tails

-EA-18G 166943, VAQ-142, “NH 500”, USS Roosevelt, 2020
“Lo-viz CAG jet with large Wolf Head tail art”
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