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Fundekals 1/32 decals for Lockheed F-104J/DJ Eiko aircraft kits - 32009

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Fundekals 1/32 Decals Lockheed F-104J/DJ Eiko aircraft kits - 32009

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force was an early adopter of Lockheed's amazing F-104 Starfighter. Since the Japanese constitution prohibited it from possessing overtly "aggressive" attack aircraft, the JASDF opted for a pure interceptor version of the F-104G, labeled appropriately, the F-104J - beloved of the Japanese as the "Eiko" ("Glory"). While in later years some limited air-to-ground training was accomplished with unguided munitions, the vast majority of Eiko operations were of the pure air defense, and later Dissimiliar Air Combat Tactics variety. The Eiko stood Zulu Alert from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, protecting Japan's vast coastline and airspace from all manner of airborne intruders from 1962 through the mid-1980s.
Please note: the Fundekals are the decal markings only.
The instructions, aircraft notes, and pictures need to be downloaded from the Fundekals website.
They are easy to use PDFs (no password required).
Just select the aircraft type from the drop-down menus and then the title of the sheet you've purchased.

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