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Digitrax DT602D Advanced Duplex Super Throttle

Digitrax DT602D Advanced Duplex Super Throttle

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The DT602D is our top-of-the-line, Duplex Radio Super Throttle.  The DT602D Advanced Super Throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand.

The DT602D is designed to handle nearly every aspect of layout control.

With the DT602 you can run trains, create consists, set up routes, control up to 29 functions including sounds and so much more. With the soft On/Off switch and advanced power saving modes you can now operate longer than ever.

The DT602D gives you full Duplex or two-way radio communication to and from your LocoNet systems, select, dispatch and run locos without ever having to plug in!

DT602Ds are equipped with Duplex Radio, using existing UR92’s for operation.


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