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Caracal 1/72 decals EC-121 Warning Star Pt 2 for Heller - CD72022

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Caracal Models 1/72 Scale EC-121 Warning Star Pt 2 Decal for Heller - CD72022

Manufacturer's description:

Based on the sleek and very successful Lockheed Super Constellation airliner, EC-121 was the backbone of the USAF early warning/electronic warfare fleet during a critical period of the Cold War. Two-set series of EC-121 decals provide brand-new marking options for the Heller EC-121 kit.
Our second EC-121 sheet features the following aircraft:

* EC-121R 67-21498, USAF 553rd Recon Wing (camouflaged "Batcat"), 1970
* EC-121D 53-0536, USAF 551st AEW, 1968
* WV-2 BuNo 141325, US Navy VW-13, 1962
* WV-2 BuNo 131388 "Planner One", US Navy NADU, 1961

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