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Caracal 1/72 decal CD72106 - F-14 Tomcat The Early Years markings for Fine Molds

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This decal sheet goes back to the first few years of the F-14 and provide markings for prototype and development Tomcats. The ill-fated first prototype (which crashed in its second flight), AIM-54 Phoenix development aircraft (complete with YAIM-54 missile markings!), Pacific Missile Test Center and Patuxent River-based development jets are all here.

Stencilling to build any one of the options is included. While the decals were designed to fit the Fine Molds kit, they should work with any 1/72 scale F-14A kit in the market.


  • F-14A No.1 prototype BuNo. 157980
  • F-14A No.2 prototype BuNo. 157981
  • F-14A No.3 prototype BuNo. 157982
  • F-14A No.4 prototype BuNo. 157983 (Phoenix Missile System development markings)
  • F-14A No.4 prototype BuNo. 157983 (PMTC markings)
  • F-14A No.5 prototype BuNo. 157984
  • F-14A No.6 prototype BuNo. 157985
  • F-14A No.8 prototype BuNo. 157987
  • F-14A No.9 prototype BuNo. 157988 (Naval Missile Center markings)
  • F-14A No.11 prototype BuNo. 157990
  • F-14A No.1/X prototype BuNo. 157991 (NASA 991)
  • F-14A BuNo. 158612
  • F-14A BuNo. 158616
  • F-14A BuNo. 158619
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