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Caracal 1/48 decals for F-18 Hornet aircraft kits The Early Years - CD48158

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markings for jets that took part in critical stages such as spin testing, weapons tests, and carrier trials. The wide selection of markings are supplemented by crew and mission markings when appropriate, different carrier name options, and enough decals for those ubiquitous photo-calibration stickers that could be seen on all FSD Hornets.

The instruction sheet has information on what modifications are needed for your prototype Hornet project, making it easier to build an F-18 that will be really different from the many others on the contest table.

The options on this decal sheet are:

F-18A #2 BuNo. 160776
F-18A #3 BuNo. 160777 (carrier trials aircraft)
F-18A #4 BuNo. 160778
F-18A #5 BuNo. 160779
F-18A #6 BuNo. 160780 (spin testing aircraft)
F-18A #6 BuNo. 160780 (as NASA 840)
F-18A #7 BuNo. 160782
TF-18A #1, BuNo. 160781

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