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Caracal 1/48 decals CD48148 - CH-47 Chinook for the Italeri kit

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Designed for the Italeri kit, our first sheet for the Chinook provides no fewer than 17 marking options including the latest US Army CH-47Fs, as well as British, Australian and Canadian examples with unique nose art.

The options on this decal sheet are:

CH-47F 12-08884, US Army
CH-47F 15-08178, US Army
CH-47F 16-08202, US Army
CH-47F 09-08069, US Army
CH-47F 13-08436, US Army
CH-47F 08-08056, US Army
CH-47F 13-08140, US Army
CH-47F 10-08808, US Army
CH-47F 10-08082, US Army
CH-47F 14-08155, US Army
CH-47F A15-303, Australian Army
Chinook HC.4 ZD983 (RAF 100th Anniversary markings), Royal Air Force
CH-47D 147201 "Miss Behavin'", Royal Canadian Air Force
CH-47D 147205 "2 for Hooking", Royal Canadian Air Force
CH-47D 147206 "Jack'd Up", Royal Canadian Air Force
CH-147F 147304, Royal Canadian Air Force
CH-147F 147311 (UN markings), Royal Canadian Air Force

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