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Caracal 1/48 decal CD48162 - F-4 Edwards Test Phantoms for the Zoukei-Mura kit

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This decal sheet features markings for some of the aircraft in the Phantom fleet operated by the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. These Phantoms were used not only for evaluating F-4 improvements, but also many kinds of weapons and equipment testing.

The F-4E Phantoms featured on this sheet are all early, hard-wing aircraft ; making these markings a great choice for the new Zoukei-Mura F-4E kit.

The options on this decal sheet are:


  • NF-4D 66-7716
  • NF-4E 66-0289
  • YF-4E 65-0713 "Glamourous Glennis" (Chuck Yeager's final USAF flight)
  • YF-4E 65-0713, later sharkmouth scheme
  • NF-4E 66-0289, ALCM chase aircraft
  • NF-4E 66-0319
  • NRF-4C 65-0850
  • NRF-4C 63-7744


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