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Caracal 1/144 decals C-131 Samaritan for Roden CV-340 kits - CD144022

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A military light transport aircraft derived from the Convair CV-240/340/440 series, the C-131 Samaritan served the USAF and US Navy in many different duties from the 1950s all the way to 1990. This decal sheet is designed for the Roden CV-340 kits and provides markings for both USAF and US Navy examples.

The options on this decal sheet are:

JC-131B Samaritan 53-7791, Wright Air Development Center - USAF
C-131A Samaritan 52-5801, 1st Aeromedical Transport Group (Light), MATS
C-131D Samaritan 54-2809, Massachusetts ANG
C-131B Samaritan 53-7814, New Mexico ANG
C-131B Samaritan 53-7811, Texas ANG
C-131F Samaritan BuNo. 141023, NAF Mildenhall, US Navy

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