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Caracal 1/72 decals A-10 Warthog, The Early Years CD72148 suitable for Matchbox

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Please note that the A-10 prototype had significant differences from production jets, and building an accurate replica will require conversion work. In 1/72 scale, the older Matchbox kit is generally accepted to be the kit closest to the prototype.

The options on this 1/72 scale decal sheet are:

YA-10 71-1369, first prototype
YA-10 71-1370, second prototype
A-10A 73-1664
A-10A 73-1665
A-10A 73-1666
A-10A 73-1667
A-10A 73-1668
A-10A 73-1669
A-10A 75-0258, "J.A.W.S" experimental camouflage
A-10A 75-0259, "J.A.W.S" experimental camouflage
A-10A 75-0260, "J.A.W.S" experimental camouflage
A-10A 75-0262, "J.A.W.S" experimental camouflage
A-10A 75-0260, Davis-Monthan early service markings
A-10A 75-0264
A-10A 75-0267
A-10A 75-0269
A-10A 75-0293
A-10A 75-0294
A-10A 76-0553, 100th A-10

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