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Caracal 1/48 decals CD48211 - CV-22/MV-22 Osprey: Part 2

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Caracal's second 1/48 scale Osprey sheet features three very colorful Marine Corps Ospreys, and a USAF CV-22 that was also included in our very successful first sheet.
The USAF CV-22 option on this sheet is intended to be used with the 1/48 scale Black Dog resin CV-22 conversion set.

The options on this decal sheet (which will fit both Italeri and Hobby Boss kits in this scale) are:

* MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168663, VMM-365 - US Marine Corps
* MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 166497, VMM-362 - US Marine Corps
* MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168342, VMM-363 - US Marine Corps
* CV-22B Osprey 05-0065, 7th SOS - USAF

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