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Caracal 1/48 decal RF-4C Recce Phantoms - Part 1 - CD48231

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This decal set with nine unique options celebrates the distinguished history of the RF-4C Recce Phantoms. The markings options on this decal sheet are:

RF-4C 65-0905 "Tumbleweed", 11st TRS, Udorn RTAFB
RF-4C 64-1006. 30th TRS, RAF Alconbury
RF-4C 65-0927, 10th TRW, RAF Alconbury
RF-4C 63-7760 "City of Seymour"
RF-4C 64-1081, 165th TRS - Kentucky ANG
RF-4C 65-0886, 192nd TRS - Nevada ANG
RF-4C 63-7758, 160th TRS - Alabama ANG
RF-4C 68-0595, 91st TRS
RF-4C 68-0567 "Starize", 1st TRS, RAF Alconbury

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