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Caracal 1/48 decal F-82 Twin Mustang - CD48146 for Modelsvit

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This set was designed for the new Modelsvit kit, but the markings should also work on the older Modelcraft kits. Note that the profiles below do not show the F-82G radar pod for clarity.

The options on this sheet are:

  • F-82G 46-356 "Lackin' Blackin'", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-367 "Lover Boy", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-371 "Da'Quake", 68th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-379 "The Dull Tool", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-381 "Zero Zero", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-383, first air-to-air kill of the Korean War by 1LT W.A.Hudson and 1LT C.S.Fraser, 68th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-392 "Our Lil' Lass", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-394 "Dottie Mae", 4th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-395 "The Beast of the Far East", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-400 "Call Girl", 4th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-401 "Gruesome Twosome", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-403 "Miss Carriage", 4th F(AW)S
  • F-82E 46-354 "Double Indemnity", 27th FEG
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