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Caracal 1/48 decals for Aggressors Now and Then - CD48228

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The markings for "Constant Peg" jets were designed using the most recently classified video footage and two books published on the subject. We recommend the Eduard MiG-21F-13, and Trumpeter MiG-23M / MiG-23BN kits. For F-35A and F-16C options, we recommend the Tamiya/Meng (for F-35) and Tamiya/Hasegawa (for F-16) kits.

The six options on this sheet are:


  • F-35A 11-5020, 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB
  • F-35A 11-5021, 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB
  • F-16C Block 42 89-2048 "Wraith", 64th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB
  • MiG-21F-13 (USAF "YF-110") "Red 85", 4477th TES, 1986
  • MiG-23MS "Flogger-E" (USAF "YF-113E") "Red 49", 4477th TES, 1986
  • MiG-23BN "Flogger-F" (USAF "YF-11B") "Red 74", 4477th TES, 1985
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