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ATHEARN ATH12926 N Scale ACF 4600 3-Bay Centerflow Hopper SSW/Ex-Rock #800052

ATHEARN ATH12926 N Scale ACF 4600 3-Bay Centerflow Hopper SSW/Ex-Rock #800052

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Road Number may not be reflected on the picture.


* FURX: These cars over their life time went through a few different owners. Due to the expense of repainting an entire car, it was easier to just patch the new road name and number over the previous one. Era: 2000s+
* SSW and MILW: After the bankruptcy of the Rock in 1980, these cars were quickly leased to railroads with a simple patch, still using the original numbers. Era: Mid 1980s+



** Three body styles:

*** Early- High side ladder & brake wheel, single side stiffener
*** Mid- Low brake wheel, short side ladders both ends, single side stiffener
*** Late- As above but with double side stiffeners (post 1971)

** Round or trough hatches
** Photo-etched metal roofwalk
** Separately applied wire grab irons and stirrup steps
** Numerous detailed outlet versions
** Separate brake cylinder, valve and air reservoir with wire brake plumbing
** Multiple roadnumbers
** Fully-assembled and ready-to-run out of the box
** Accurately painted and printed
** Highly detailed, injection molded body
** Separately applied brake wheel
** Screw mounted trucks
** Body mounted McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers
** Weighted for trouble free operation
** Minimum radius: 9¾"
** Detailed outlets
** 100-ton trucks with 36" machined metal wheels

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