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Ammo Mig Jimenez Step #3 Decal Application Brush - A.MIG8708

Ammo Mig Jimenez Step #3 Decal Application Brush - A.MIG8708

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Step #3 Decal Application Brush - A.MIG8708
Introducing the one-of-a-kind series of AMMO Decal Application Brushes made of the highest quality hair, protecting both the paintwork of the model and the decals themselves.

Decal Application -1: Designed to transfer the decal from the backing to the model and adjust the marking for proper placement.

Decal Application -2: This unique brush allows you to adapt decals to large surfaces, allowing you to press them without fear of breaking the surface. When performed with the correct brush, adapting the decal to the surface details including panels, rivets, stencils, even full-scale camouflage markings. 

Decal Application -3: This special Decal Application Brush is designed to help you with the smallest, and above all, the most difficult decals. The brush composition is extremely soft and shorter than a number two, allowing you to apply subtle pressure in places where the surface features contours and complex surface details.

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