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AMMO by MiG Jimenez How to KOTOBUKIYA Models Book - AMIG6113

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Mig Jiménez and AMMO's team of modellers will show you different ideas and techniques used to paint and weather your Kotobukiya models in this amazing book. These techniques can also be applied to any style of SF model, from the simplest and fastest painting and weathering effects to more elaborate and involved processes including modulation, lighting, and all kinds of dirt and grime effects. Each step can be adjusted to be subtle or intense, allowing you to develop your own painting and weathering style. Also included is a simple method used for building truly impressive dioramas by combining concrete and vegetation elements, ideal for displaying your kits in their natural environment while telling a story.

In this book the subjects chosen only represent a very small fraction of the Kotobukiya line. Take the challenge and explore the rest of this dynamic series of subjects, you can even create your own by combining and enhancing parts as you wish. The possibilities offered by Kotobukiya models are simply endless!

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