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Airscale 1/48 World War I cockpit instrument decals AS48WW1

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AS48WW1-Airscale World War One (generic) Aircrat instrument decals

Manufacturer's description:

WW1 Cockpit Decals

Available in 1:48 (bumper double-size set) and 1:32 (displayed) scale

Each set includes:

* Esoteric multi-colour instrumentation found on fighter aircraft from the Great War; including the Camel, SPAD, Nieuport, SE5a, DR1, DVII, Albatros, Pfalz and common to many WW1 types.
* Instruments for flight control, navigation, engine, oxygen and ancillary management.
* Each instrument is separate on the decal sheet with a minimum of carrier film.
* Includes a small sheet of optically clear replacement simulated instrument glass.
* Fully illustrated instructions.

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