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1/72 BarracudaCast BR72057 resin Blenheim Mk.IV Mainwheels Airfix

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Assembly and Paint required

1/72 BarracudaCast BR72057 resin Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV Mainwheels for Airfix and Special Hobby kits

from the manufacturer:

Accurate, detailed resin mainwheels replace undersized and inaccurate kit parts for the 1/72 Frog, old Airfix and Special Hobby Blenheim kits of all marks. The new tool Airfix Blenheim wheels are accurate, but lack the crisp detail , tire beading and logos of the BarracudaCast parts. Our wheels were designed from photos and dimensions taken off actual period mainwheels and include raised logos on both sides. This upgrade set is quick and easy to install

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