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Caracal 1/48 decal Sikorsky H-34 US Navy/USAF Gallery CD48031

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CD48031 - 1/48 scale decal from Caracal Models for Sikorsky H-34 US Navy/USAF

Manufacturer's description: 

Designed for the new MRC/Gallery H-34 kit in 1/48 scale, this decal sheet provides markings for two US Navy and one USAF H-34. Both options sport the later type of undercarriage ("V-leg") and can be built out of the box from the MRC/Gallery kits available at this time(June 2013).
The options on the decal sheet are:

* UH-34D, US Navy, HT-8
* UH-34D, US Navy, VC-1
* HH-34J, USAF Reserve

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