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Uschi Blitz Dry - Drying time accelerator for oil paints #4012

Uschi Blitz Dry - Drying time accelerator for oil paints #4012

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Uschi Blitz Dry- Drying time accelerator for oil paints #4012

This product reduces this time down to 3 hrs until you can seal it with clear in order to apply decals for example.

 From Uschi: "Just use it like your turpentine based thinner. Squeeze the paint out of the tube and add some drops until you have the consistency desired. Its perfect for the rendition of wood using a glaze technique with oil paints. You keep all the positive properties of oil paint, such as translucency and time for corrections and you get rid of the negative properties like waiting 5 days until you can move on. After 3 hours the glaze is stabilized so you seal it. Its not completely chemically cured then. The curing process will go on. But you can touch it and, after sealing, mask on it and apply decals and so on. Thats the trick.

I recommend to run a test before life firing to get used to the properties. Please apply your glaze on a flat surface so the oil paint has a good grip"

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