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HGW 1/48 scale aircraft seatbelts for F-4 Phantom (NAVY) - 148541

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Seatbelts, suitable for plastic scale aircraft, are made from micro-plastic foil. In combination with attached photo-etched buckles, this accessory looks highly realistic. These are available in 1/48 scale and for more comfortable work they are pre-cut.


1. Take the precut textile part out of the sheet
2. Remove supporting paper
3. Crumple the belt into a little ball and knead it between the fingers
4. Thread the belts through the buckles - use superglue
5. Put the belts into the seat
6. Spray the glossy varnish
8. Spray matte varnish
7. Cover the belts with very diluted oil color (mix of black and brown) - it will highlight the texture

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