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White River Productions - Building Scenery with Paul Scoles

White River Productions - Building Scenery with Paul Scoles

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Ever wonder how to build that beautiful scenery you see in the pages of Railroad Model Craftsman? Wonder no more! Expert scenery builder Paul Scoles shares his techniques, tools and methods, taking you through the process of scenery building step by step. Enhanced with additional photos and text, this book puts years of scenery building experience right into your hands. Not sure where to start?

Looking for foolproof methods? Paul Scoles takes you through the steps to create beautiful scenery and terrains for your model railroads and dioramas. Breaking down the process into simple steps, you'll quickly learn how to work with various materials to create the look you're after. Learn how to create convincing rock castings, install them on your model railroad, and apply realistic coloring effects. The results will be nothing short of amazing!

From the pages of Railroad Model Craftsman, Building Scenery with Paul Scoles is updated and refreshed with new photos and additional information. This book is an essential book for any model railroader looking to build realistic scenic effects. From the basics of ground cover to building tall evergreens and detailed deciduous trees, from enhancing track to applying ballast, from creating deep riverbeds and making convincing water, Paul Scoles' methods will make you feel comfortable learning new skills and ideas.
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