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ABTEILUNG 502 DAMAGED MAGAZINE 10 ABT736 - Cautioin: Hot Work Area

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Abteilung502 introduces the 10th issue of Damaged, a multi-thematic magazine with an interesting layout and great photos, which has surprised many modelers. You can’t miss it!

Damaged is the best magazine devoted to painting techniques and weathering of scale models of any type. Each issue features original subjects and scenes, being a great source of inspiration for all modelers.

In this issue, as usual we show ultrarealistics creations from the best modelers around the world. Learn from them how to represent the wear and passage of time in miniature.



  • Abandoned Railway
  • Hot Road. Austin Tilly. – Under Construction.
  • Naboo Fighter.
  • PZM-7
  • Russian Cargo.
  • AK Warehouse 2089. – Medic at Arms!
  • Tour de France 1952. – Mobile Mechanic.

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