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XtraDecal 1/72 decal Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey - Miramar 2012 - X72-170

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XtraDecal 1/72 decal set for Bell-Boeing MV-22B Osprey (7)168025 YW/00 VMM-165 White Knights with black fins; 167903 YR/01 VMM-161 Greyhawks with coloured markings; 167917 YX/00 VMM-166 Sea Elk with coloured markings. With full low viz data etc. All MCAS Miramar 2011. 167914 YP/06 VMM-163 Ridge Runners lo-viz; 168006 YZ/00 VMMM-363 Lucky Red Lions; 168011 YP-00 VMM-163 Ridge Runners coloured markings; 168022 PH/o5 VMM-561 Pale Horse lo-viz. All MCAS Miramar 2012.

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