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New Ware NW019 1/48 X-15/Blue Scout for Special Hobby

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NW019 - New Ware 1/48 X-15/Blue Scout for Special Hobby (#SH 48008) - Conversion set (5 resin parts + 51 decals)

Manufacturer's description: Most of theX-planes were air launched with the X-15 qualifying as a true air launched space vehicle. One advanced air launch plan involved mating the X-15 with a Blue Scout rocket for a double air launch. This system would have been able to orbit a 150 pound satellite 200 miles high or launch a 60 pound object to escape velocity. Plans were made to modify one of the X-15 aircraft by installing a retractable launch pylon and trapeze to hold the Blue Scout with wiring added for checkout and launching tasks. North American Aviation and the Ford Motor Company stated the system could be ready in nine months after the initial go ahead, however, this plan was never realized.

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