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SuperScale 1/48 decals for Tamiya P-47 Thunderbolt Razorbacks MS48786

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1/48 SuperScale International MS48786:

Options include:

328th FS & 486th FS/352nd FG

"The West 'by Gawd' Virginian"
"Jamie Boy"

Modelling Madness review:"...neither plane has wing pylons and they are both in OD over Neutral Grey with white tail stripes and nose band. Unlike the previous sheet, these aircraft use the blue surround insignia. Again, the sheet has been cropped to remove the common markings.

First plane is 'Jamie Boy / The West Virginian' from the 328th FS. The left side marking completely covers the first two code letters on the fuselage.

'Gig's Up' is a 486th FS bird. This one has a nice panther marking on the fuselage side. Both are from 1943 before there was any real long range fighter escort for US bombers.

Either scheme will be a real break from the norm"

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