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Speed Hunter Graphics SHG32005 1/32 decal F-4E/G Phantom II SEAD

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Speed Hunter Graphics - 1/32 decal SHG32005 for F-4E/G Phantom II SEAD Specialists: Phantom Hunter Killers

From Manufacturer's:

Phinally a sheet designed for the F-4G in 1/32!! This sheet is designed for use with the new Revell F-4G. In addition, it is a perfect fit for use with the conversion sets from GT Resin and Sierra Hotel Moels to build an F-4G from either the Revell or Tamiya F-4E kits.

The airframes include

1) F-4G 69-7235, 4485th Test & Evaluation Squadron, Det5, George AFB, CA, May 1991 *MiG killer*

2) F-4G 69-7263, 35th TFW flagship, George AFB, California, July 1991 *one-piece windscreen*

3) F-4G 69-7561, 561st TFS flagship, George AFB, California, August 1986 Euro 1 camo

4) F-4G 69-7558, 480th TFS, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, August 1987 *SureFire '87 markings and intake artwork*

5) F-4G 69-7218, 90th TFS, Clark AB, Phillippines, June 1988 Euro 1 camo

6) F-4G 69-0291, 3rd TFW flagship, Clark AB, Phillippines, February 1991 *MiG killer*

7) F-4E 71-1073, 3rd TFS flagship, Clark AB, Phillippines, March 1991

8) F-4E 74-1050, 21st TFTS flagship, George AFB, California, June 1991 *one-piece windscreen*

9) F-4E 71-0141, 831st Air Division flagship, George AFB, California, November 1990

Decals are printed by Cartograf and includes an insert sheet with black markings.

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