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RB Productions Bucksaw & Fine saw blade (24 t/cm - 58 tpi) RBT024/25

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RB Productions Bucksaw & Fine saw blade (24 t/cm - 58 tpi)- RBT024/25 - Radu Brinzan 

This saw consists of a saw blade that is tensioned and held from both ends, leaving the blade clear to cut through the material.

The set contains two frets of photoetched stainless steel, one containing the multi-part frame and one containing three fine saw blades in three different widths as well as the stainless steel screws and nyloc nuts to secure it.
The frame needs to be assembled, but this is a very simple process that is explained in the instruction sheet.

Replacement blades are available 

Optionally, the saw can be used with a hobby knife handle, but the tool can also be used safely without such a handle.

The set does not include the knife handle

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