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RB Productions 1/32 Japanese Navy Seat Harness / seatbelts WWII - RBP32034

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RB Productions 1/32 Japanese Navy Seat Harness/seatbelts WWII - RBP32034 by Radu Brinzan

This is the harness used on Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft in World War 2. Suitable for all Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft, especially Zero, Shinden, Shiden/George, Raiden, etc.

No painting needed. Simply remove the pre-cut straps from the backing paper, glue the detail parts, thread them through the buckles and fit them to your model.
The set includes one sheet of photoetched stainless steel parts, one set of laser-cut paper representing brown leather straps, one set of pre-cut paper representing the fabric padding and a complete set of detailed instructions.

The buckles can be adjusted to the desired length in the same manner as the real thing. The quick-release lever can be set in closed or open position.

The paper used on these seatbelts has a high rag content and no lignin (meaning that it is actually a textile material), it is acid-free and dyed in the grain.
When covered with a light coating of satin clear varnish, these brown straps will have a very convincing leather look.

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