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Passenger Train Journal Second Quarter 2021 - Issue #287

Passenger Train Journal Second Quarter 2021 - Issue #287

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Amtrak’s Vision for 2035by Kevin McKinney — On the eve of Amtrak’s 50th anniversary, the carrier announces its bold plan for growth and prosperity.

Intercity: Amtrak Before and After its Creationby Kevin McKinneyPTJ founder Kevin McKinney provides insight on what it was like to be part of Amtrak’s structuring.

Passenger Trains of Cincinnati–Part 3by Jeff Hirsh — What happened after Amtrak arrived on May 1, 1971? It left Cincinnati Union Terminal, CUT was repurposed and renovated, and then Amtrak returned! Here’s the full story.

A Fan of the Railroads in the Administrative Stateby Bill Anderson — What was it like to enter the railroading industry at a time of turmoil involving Penn Central, the forthcoming Amtrak, and other aspects of the railroad industry in flux?

Countdown to Amtrakby Mike Schafer — The frenzy prior to the implementation of Amtrak on May 1, 1971, with a last circle trip a week before Amtrak startup, plus some scenes of the last pre-Amtrak trains to depart (and arrive) their terminals on the weekend of May 1, 1971.

Rail Users’ Networkby Richard Rudolph — With the high success of Amtrak’s Downeaster service in the Boston–Portland corridor, is it time to extend to other Maine destinations, such as Bangor?

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