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New Ware 1/96 SATURN V massive detail set for Revell - NW008

New Ware 1/96 SATURN V massive detail set for Revell - NW008

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Massive detail set for Revell's Saturn V - Manufacturer's description: •S-IC parts: F-1 engine fairings (these parts we had to correct, photo of corrected parts you can see in Sven Knudson's short review), fins, external system tunels, bottom of the stage, aft umbilicals, interstage umbilical, forward skirt umbilical, ODOP antennas, telemetry antennas, range safety antennas, holddown posts •S-II aft interstage parts: ullage rockets, personal access doors •S-II: aft skirt umbilical connectors, LH2 feed line fairings, LOX vent fairing, LH2 fill and drain fairing, LH2 recirculation line fairing, engine cutoff sensors, forward skirt umbilical connections, forward skirt personnel access doors, LH2 vents, command and telemetry antenna clusters •S-II thrust structure: heat shield, electrical power and control system boxes, flight control container, propellant management package box, electrical system timing and staging assembly box, J-2 engine actuators •S-IVB aft interstage: S-II rectrorockets •S-IVB: aft umbilical, LOX fill and drain, LH2 fill and drain, auxiliary propulsion system module fairings, LH2 chilldown return line fairing, LH2 fill line fairings, feed line fairing, LH2 chilldown pump fairing, auxiliary tunnel, external system tunnel, range safety antennas, telemetry antennas, forward umbilical LH2 pre-flight vent, I.U. umbilical, personnel acces doors, VHF telemtry antennas, TM directional antennas •SLA: panel separations, personnel access doors, SLA panel spring thrusters fairings, LM attach fairings, SPS fuel fill and drain servoce ports and other details •Apollo CSM: radiator pannels, scimitar antennas, SM-CM umbilical connector, CM main hatch, window frames, optics panel The set is now (since 15.1.2005) containing also: •NWD006 1/96 Saturn V decals - high detailed decals for all Saturn Vs - 154 decals •Photo CD - 50 high resolution photos in jpg format (cca 3000 x 2000 pixels format, 3 - 5 MB each). Photos were taken by me when visiting USA in 1999. Saturn V was photographed at MSFC, KSC and JSC NASA centres. Photos are concerned at most about details included in NW008 set.

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