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New Ware 1/48 Lunar Module detail set H mission Apollo 11-14 NW068

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NW068 - 1/48 Lunar Module detail set H mission, Apollo 11 - 14 Stunning upgrade for the Revell/Monogram, includes 147 resin and photo-etch parts

Photos shown are from Sven Knudson's review

Additional pictures can be viewed Building 1/48 LM by Neil Ford 

Manufacturer's description: This detail set is intended to use together with any release of Monogram's (now Revell's) 1/48 First Lunar Landing kit. The set probably will not fit well with any other 1/48 Lunar Module kit including original Revell's kit. Set includes 147 detail and correction parts for Lunar Module surface.

There are more planned LM detail sets:

NW068 1/48 Lunar Module detail set - already released
NW069 1/48 Lunar Module's MESA - already released
NW070 1/48 Lunar Module's ALSEP (instruments for placing on Lunar surface) - we hope to release this set by end of 2007
We are planning to work in 2008 on similar sets for J MISSION LM (APOLLO 15-17).

I am recommending use these sets in dependence on in which situation you are going to build your LM:

- LM attached to Apollo CSM: NW068
- LM on descent to lunar surface: NW068
- LM after landing before commander leaved the crew cabin: NW068
- "Small step for man": NW068 + NW069 (MESA is already deployed, but still wrapped in foil
- Early work on the surface (collecting first samples etc.) - NW068 + NW069
- Later work on the surface: NW068 + NW069 + NW070

Note: even if going to build the "later work on the surface" diorama, you can build the whole LM first (ALSEP bay doors were opened only in the moment of removing instrument palets from it, after that were closed again).

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