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New Ware 1/48 Little Joe I Conversion LJ-5B mission for Revell NW088

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NW088 -  New Ware 1/48 Little Joe I Conversion LJ-5B mission to use together with 1/48 Mercury/Gemini kit (Revell H-1834). 
For LJ-5B mission an overhead window version of Mercury capsule was used ("Friendship 7 version")

17 parts (12 resin + 5 PE) + 29 decals

Sven Knudson's review and photos "This kit is to be used with the 1/48 scale Revell Mercury ( capsule kit to depict the LJ-5B flight. The main airframe is one solid chunk of resin, with crisply engraved panel lines, a smooth surface finish and no visible airholes. The four large rocket nozzles are molded in place. The fins are also solid with crisp panel lines and smooth surfaces. The smaller rocket nozzles, like the large nozzles are hollow. All parts need to be removed from their pour plugs. The instructions include a short program history and graphical assembly steps, showing how to attach the Mercury capsule to the rocket. A three view painting and decal guide finish out the instructions"

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